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Related post: E. Transplantation Biology and Immunology Subcommittee Application/Proposal Review : During its three meetings Purchase Vitamin C in FY 1983, the TIC reviewed 11 grant applications which included 1 program project in lymphocyte biology, 6 institutional training grants, 1 clinical investigator award and 3 conference grants (Table 7). All of these applications were Buy Vitamin C Online approved and total dollars reviewed and approved were $5,202,203 and $2,669,108, respectively. In addition, 3A Master Agreement proposals were reviewed by an ad hoc review group (Table Order Vitamin C IV) . Twenty-three of these proposals were found to be acceptable. These Master Agreement proposals were received in response Vitamin C Online to the RFP-NIH-NIAID-IAIDP-83-2, entitled, "Develop Cheap Vitamin C and Supply Serologic Reagents for the Investigation of Polymorphic Buy Vitamin C Human Cell Surface 14-5 Antigens (Master Agreement)". The current estimate is that another group of 5 contract proposals will be submitted in response to the RFP-NIH-NIAID-OSD-83-9, "Histocompatibility Typing for Molecular Studies of Disease Susceptibility Genes." These proposals will be reviewed by an ad hoc review group of the TIC in August, 1983. Program Advice : Program staff sought advice from the TIC on a variety of issues including hybridoma bank, serum bank, bone marrow transplantation and kidney Buy Cheap Vitamin C transplantation. Concept Clearance : The Subcommittee reviewed and approved four program concepts. These relate to serum bank and clinical Generic Vitamin C trials of appropriate monoclonal antibodies in kidney and bone marrow transplantation. TABLE 7 REVIEW WORKLOAD OF THE AIRC AND TIC, FY 1982 AND FY 1983 AIRC TIC AIRC & TIC TYPES OF REVIEW LOAD REVIEW LOAD TOTAL REVIEW LOAD APPLICATIONS FYS 2 FY83 FY82 FY83 FY82 FY83 P01/P50 19 21* 15 1 34 22 T32 15 13 6 15 19 K07 2 2 K08 10 3 1 10 4 R13 9 2 8 3 17 5 NOl 17 39** 17 39 Program Concept Clearance 2 1 4 2 5 SUBTOTAL 57 40 40 54 97 94 Site Visits
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